Orange Crush 20 RT Combo

Practice perfect

New for 2015 the Crush 20RT builds on the tonal platform of the Crush 20 with even more of functionality through the inclusion of lush onboard reverb and an integrated chromatic tuner. Like its more ‘stripped down’ sibling, the Crush 20RT features footswitchable Clean and Dirty channels plus our new high gain, four stage preamp design, serving up a huge palette of overdriven and distorted sounds, rich in harmonic overtones.

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Orange Dual Terror Head

The Original Lunchbox Head, Made Louder.

Featuring a 30 Watt output section the Dual Terror head is the most powerful in the Terror range, offering more clean headroom and volume than the Tiny Terror with the added flexibility of a second channel. The ‘Tiny Terror Channel’ is lifted straight from the original 15 Watt version, retaining the signature tones that made the Tiny Terror such a hit. However, with double the power on offer, it packs an even fiercer punch.

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Orange Footswitch MC-FS2

Durable, simple and compatible

The Orange FS-2 Footswitch is ruggedly built and connects to your amplifier via 2 standard instrument cables (not included). Compatible with:

  • Crush Pro Series (Channel & Reverb)
  • Rockerverb (2 functions: Channel or Reverb or Attenuator (MKIII))
  • Thunderverb (Reverb & Channel)
  • Dual Dark (Channel & Attenuator)
  • OR100H (2 functions: Channel or Gain Boost or Global Boost)
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Orange Micro Crush Combo

A micro amp with a big soul

The essence of Orange in the palm of your hand. Featuring switchable overdrive, a built-in tuner and styling that has been our signature since the very beginning: basket weave speaker grille, miniature crest, ‘picture frame’ edging and of course a wooden cabinet covered in our iconic orange vinyl. But our forensic attention to detail is not only skin deep. This diminutive little amp delivers where it really matters. Pure Orange tone and legendary crunch on the go.

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Orange Micro Terror Head MT20

Tiny amp, emormous tone

Weighing in at under 1 kilo, the Micro Terror is arguably the most portable amp head on the market. When paired with its matching PPC108 cabinet, the Micro Terror’s Aux Input and Headphone output make it a perfect practice partner, small enough for even the most cluttered sideboard.

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Orange PPC108 Micro/Terror Dark Cab 1x8

Perfect for your micro head

Sharing the same iconic looks as our larger stage-ready PPC cabinets, this miniature incarnation is the companion cab for the Micro Terror and Micro Dark. With an 8″ Voice of the World speaker, this cabinet records remarkably well when paired with its matching amp head, delivering a punchy tone that has to be heard to be believed. A smart looking, smart sounding half stack that will fit on your sideboard: What’s not to love?

Note: For use with the Micro Terror or Micro Dark only

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Orange PPC112 Cabinet 1x12

A small cab with big delivery

The PPC112 is one of the most popular 1×12″ cabinets on the market today, and with good reason. Its closed-back, 18mm birch plywood enclosure is slightly bigger than a conventional 1×12. This gives the PPC112 a greater internal volume for a fatter tone with excellent projection. Housing a single Celestion Vintage 30 speaker, the cabinet also features our unique skid runners on the base to acoustically couple the cabinets to the stage to improve low end responsiveness. 

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Orange PPC412AD Cabinet

Project sound differently

The PPC412AD is the angled-front version of the hugely popular PPC412 4×12 cabinet. With four Celestion Vintage 30 speakers, the slanted baffle produces rich mids and crisp, sparkling highs with outstanding vertical projection. These cabs conquer the problem of poor on-stage monitoring, whilst dispersing the sound in more directions than a conventional cabinet. 

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Orange Rocker 15

2-kanaliger 15 Watt Rörhenverstärker mit vier 12AX7 in der Vorstufe und zwei EL84 in der Endstufe, 1x10"-Lautsprecher, 3-Band EQ, Effekt-Loop (Mono) und verstellbarer Ausgangsleistung zwischen 0,5W, 1W, 7W und 15W.


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Orange Rocker 32

2-kanaliger 30 Watt Stereo Rörhenverstärker, 2x10"-Lautsprecher, 3-Band EQ, Effekt-Loop (Stereo) und verstellbarer Ausgangsleistung zwischen 15W und 7W pro Lautsprecher.


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Orange Rockerverb 50 MKIII Tube Amp

The definitve two channel 50w head, made better

Celebrating its 10th Anniversary in 2014, the Rockerverb Series demonstrates better than anything else that a workhorse amp can be a master of all trades. The original Rockerverb was actually our first ever ‘high gain’ amplifier, with a unique voice that quickly became a firm favourite amongst the heavy crowd. However, its supreme versatility and dependability meant the series has been a mainstay for touring artists and session aces, both on the road and in the studio.

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